Free kick soccer drill

Lots of practice is the secret to taking a successful free kick and to make this fun for your young players, try the following soccer drill using either a portable wall or cones to shield the goal.
A good free-kick taker can be from any position on the pitch – except the goalkeeper who you don’t want to be stranded up the pitch should the free-kick not work well. You need to get all your players to practise the kicks, over and over again.

drill to practise free kicks
England and LA Galaxy star David Beckham spends hours on this soccer drill, which involves placing the ball in the corner of the goal from varying angles and varying distances over and around a portable wall. You might not have access to a portable wall, so use a bag of balls or three cones in a row and tell your players to get the ball as high over it as they can.

Your players will enjoy this soccer drill if you tell them they are playing for their place in the World Cup Finals and the team has a last chance to score and they are the free-kick taker.

Key soccer coaching tip

A good tip to build your players’ skills is to practise this soccer drill from three different angles, but tell your players not to move the angle or distance of the ball from the goal until they hit three, perfectly placed balls into the back of the net. Start without a goalkeeper then progress the soccer drill to the next skill level by performing the same series of kicks with a goalkeeper.

This soccer drill is ideal for players to try down the park in their own time.

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