Fun 30 second challenge game

Fitness can be fun and a challenge for your players… honestly it can!

I like this game because when your players first use it they are very honest and try their hardest with their first run. But once they realise what it’s all about they will “con” you into thinking they are trying their hardest – you’ll see what I mean when you try it.

I don’t mind that, using their brains is all part of the training sessions and made all the more enjoyable with a little gamesmanship. As long as it’s just a little bit!


How to do it

  • Start on the goal line holding a cone.
  • On your command “GO”, players have to run with the cone as far as they can up and down the pitch, from goal line to goal line in 30 seconds.
  • When you say “STOP”, players put the cone down where they are standing.
  • Players have two further runs where they attempt to run past their cone in 30 seconds.
  • Recovery time between sprints should be one minute.
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