Boot Camp

The Rules

Players divide themselves into 3 even teams and each player takes a number.

Players dribble inside the zone farthest from the goals, keeping their balls close and looking for space.

When you shout a number that numbered player from each group has to break out of the zone into space with a good first touch.

They dribble across the middle zone and shoot into any of the goals on or before reaching the end of the zone.

If a player misses a shot they are out of boot camp and go behind the goal to collect missed shots.

If they score the player collects their ball and returns to the dribbling zone.

Play until the last three players at which point the quickest to score wins.

Main Objectives

Improve close control, recognising space to attack, running with the ball and shooting.

Set Up

Area: 45×30 yards divided into 3 sections. Goals are 5 yards in from the end line
Players: 12
Equipment: Cones, ball per player, 3 goals

Boot Camp drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 1

Each player has a number and a ball.


Boot Camp drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 3

If they score they return to camp. If they miss they are booted out.


Boot Camp drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 2

You call a number and players with that number dribble out.


What To Call Out

“Keep your head up and listen for a call”
“Try to hit the target”


If a player scores quickly (risks shooting from distance perhaps) they can try to defend against the other players breaking out.

Alternatively, the first two or three players to miss become permanent defenders or goalkeepers, or both. In either case the winner is resolved as before.


Allow players to follow up rebounds as this breeds good habits.

Clearly shout out numbers and keep a check on who scores and who misses.

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