The Rules

One player stands in each gate, the remaining players form a 4v4 in the area. You can outweigh the numbers to guarantee success or accommodate odd numbers.

Start by passing the ball into the area. The team in possession attempt to pass the ball and create space to be able to chip the ball to one of the players in the gates. The player must catch the ball for a point to be scored.

The player in the gate then returns the ball to the team that scored and they try to score in a different gate.

The opposition can only win the ball by block tackling or intercepting inside the area. They are not allowed to guard the gates.

Play to a set time limit of, say, 10 minutes.

Main Objectives

Improve the technique of chipping the ball.

Set Up

Area: 40×30 yards with 10 yard gates as shown
Players: 10-12
Equipment: Cones, balls

Chippy drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 1

Players try to find space in the area.


Chippy drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 2

They need to chip the ball to the player in the gate to score.


Chippy drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 3

They then get the ball back and try to each reach another gate.


What To Call Out

“Create space”
“Stab the bottom of the ball”
“Can you chip it?”


The players in the gates can no longer use their hands so the chip must be more accurate and they must work on controlling the ball in the air with only three touches to get it under control and make a pass.

Alternatively, the players in the gates must try to pick out a player with a header or first time volley directly from the chip.


Rotate the players in the gates regularly.

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