The Rules

Gladiators have a ball each and before the game they each select (or are given) an opponent. This is the only gladiator with whom they are competing.

Any spare player can be a random gladiator and attack who they want.

Gladiators compete to try and knock their opponent’s ball out of the coliseum.

If a gladiator’s ball is knocked out of the coliseum they must go down on one knee and await judgement from Caesar (you).

If the gladiator put up a good fight Caesar might give them a thumbs-up. Thus spared, they can collect their ball and re-enter the coliseum.

If the gladiator succumbed too easily Caesar will give them a thumbs-down, meaning they have been beaten and must leave the arena.

Main Objectives

Improve close control, dribbling and running with the ball, turning and screening in 1v1 situations.

Set Up

Area: 20 yard diameter circle
Players: 8 to 16
Equipment: Cones, a ball each

Gladiators drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 1

The gladiators dribble around the coliseum.


Gladiators drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 2

They try to knock their opponent’s ball out of the arena.


Gladiators drill for 9 to 11 year olds - part 3

Caesar’s thumbs-up spares a gladiator.


What To Call Out

“Gladiators ready”
“Protect your ball”
“Be decisive”


Gladiators that have been knocked out can become tigers patrolling the outside of the coliseum. If they see a loose ball they can steal it (no tackling). Caesar decides if this is fair.

At any time Caesar can call for the beaten gladiators to return to the coliseum and attack anyone.


As Caesar you must be firm, but fair. Make sure no-one’s game ends too soon!

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