Mazy Runs

Play Rules

Play 6v4 (or any outnumbered teams) in the main zone.
When a team puts together, say, 3 passes, a player can break into either channel unopposed.
Here they must make a mazy run through the cones and deliver a good cross.
Two strikers wait in the scoring zone to attack the cross unopposed except for the goalkeeper.
Alternatively, if you have fewer players available, two team mates can break out into the scoring zone from the main zone in order to attack the cross.

Main Objectives

Improve dribbling. A mazy run is used to describe a player beating multiple opponents with good skills.

Set Up

Area: 50×40 yards with two 5 yard channels either side. Divide the main area into a 30×30 zone and 30×20 scoring zone
Players: 13
Equipment: Lots of cones, balls, one goal

Pass-Run-Ground Covered-Dribble

Mazy Runs Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 1

The team in possession tries to put together three passes.

Mazy Runs Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 2

One player can then enter one of the channels

Mazy Runs Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 3

They dribble through the cones and cross for the attackers.

What To Call Out

“Can you break out?”
“Keep the ball close”
“Get your cross in”


Reduce the space between cones in the channel for closer control and/or place a realistic but challenging time limit on getting through the cones to encourage speed under pressure.
Allow one defender to recover into the scoring zone to challenge the two strikers.


Rotate the player’s roles so they all get a chance to attack and defend.
Make every effort to enable each player to have an attempt to make a mazy run, not just the dominant players.

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