The Rules

Teams play outnumbered possession – such as 4v2 or 3v1 – in each half.

The team in possession needs to create an opening to play an accurate long ball to the goalkeeper(s) in the end zone.

The team not in possession should position themselves on the edge of the end zone to stop the meteors reaching the goalkeeper(s) easily – let them work this out for themselves though.

Goals only count for balls that are hit over the defenders’ heads from behind the half-way line.

Play for a set time before rotating the attackers, defenders and goalkeepers.

Main Objectives

Improve long-lofted pass, defensive heading and goalkeeper catching under passive pressure.

Set Up

Area: 60×30 yards including two 6 yard end zones, half-way line must be clearly marked
Players: 16
Equipment: Cones, balls

Meteors Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 1

The attacking team creates an opening to
play a long ball.


Meteors Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 2

The defenders drop deep to intercept the meteor.


Meteors Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 3

They launch a counter attack so the grey team go deep.

What To Call Out

“Get your head up”
“Launch a meteor”


Allow the forwards to score with a chip pass or to help a long pass reach a goalkeeper with a flick header.

If allowing chip passes, points should be doubled for long-lofted passes as they are the focus of this game.


Defenders should be encouraged to check over their shoulder in order to better cover the goalkeepers.

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