No Escape

The Rules

The attacking team pass the ball across their zone until one decides to take on a defender 1v1.

The defenders are each restricted to one 8 yard x 8 yard box and can tackle the player with the ball or force them backwards or sideways into another defender’s box.

Once through the defensive line the attackers try to score against the goalkeeper unopposed. If the attacker is tackled they go back and start again.

Only the player with the ball moves beyond the defensive line.

Main Objectives

Improve 1v1 defending, building up to 2v1 and, finally, defending as a unit.

Set Up

Area: 32×32 yards
Players: 9-13 including goalkeeper
Equipment: 20 cones, balls, one goal

No Escape Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 1

The attacking team look for an opening.


No Escape Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 2

An attacker tries to beat their defender but is tackled.


No Escape Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 3

They attack again. This time the attacker gets through.

What To Call Out

“On guard”
“Work together”


Allow one defender to recover into the last zone to apply pressure to the attacker if they get through.

Alternatively, you can allow the second closest defender to enter the box at the risk of releasing the attacker in their own channel. This decision is dependent on the angle and distance and whether or not they can realistically win the ball.

Finally, allow all players to be active but defenders should try to ensure that no more than two are inside any box at once to help teach good covering distances.


If you only have 7 players reduce the number of channels to 3. The principles of individual and group defending remain the same.

Concentrate on the defensive aspects but remember to praise the attackers too.


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