The Rules

One team starts with their goalkeeper in goal and their target is to score by making ten passes without interception by the other team.

The other team’s goalkeeper can play outfield to create an overload. Their target is to score in the opponent’s goal.

The team retaining possession cannot be offside, the team trying to score in the goal can.

If either team scores the roles are reversed and players must react to their new target.

Main Objectives

Retaining possession, reacting to winning/losing possession individually and as a team.

Set Up

Area: 50×30 yards
Players: 12 – 2 equal teams with goalkeepers
Equipment: Cones, 1 ball, 2 goals

Reactor Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 1

The red team tries to score in the white team’s goal.


Reactor Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 2

The white team tries to score by making
10 consecutive passes.


Reactor Drill for 9 to 11 Year Olds- part 3

Once either team gets a point the roles are reversed.

What To Call Out

“Ten passes – goal”
“Find space”


Limit the touches allowed on either or both teams or on specific players.

Insist on one touch finishing – for the tenth pass or to put the ball in the goal.

The size of the goals and number of passes can also be modified to make scoring more or less difficult for either or both teams.


Keep a supply of balls nearby to allow the game to flow quickly.

Encourage variation of passes – short, long.

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