Through the Gate

The Rules

To start with one team should outweigh the other, so play 8v4 or 7v5. You coach to the side with spare balls.

To score a point a pass must be played through a gate and received by another player. On receiving the ball the player can either immediately pass to a team mate or turn away, depending on the position of the defenders.

If the opposing team gains possession it can then attempt to score a point by passing through a gate.

Change defenders every three minutes. The winners are the group of eight players who score the most points.


Encourages movement and your players’ ability to see free space and use it accurately. The game also combines accurate long and short passes.

Key Skills

Passing and movement, weight and accuracy of passing, timing and angle of runs, first touch and awareness of defenders.

Set Up

Area: 30 yard diameter circle with four 1 yard gates
Players: 12
Equipment: Cones, balls

Pass-Run-Ground Covered-Dribble

Through the Gate drill for 12 to 15 year olds

Play 8v4. The Red team attempts to pass through the gate to a waiting red player.


Through the Gate drill for 12 to 15 year olds

Develop by evening up the teams and playing
for the most points.

Through the Gate drill for 12 to 15 year olds

Quick one two passes through the gates
score extra points.

What To Call Out

“Get Open”



  •  Even up the teams and play to see which team can score the most points in five minutes.
  •  If the players can achieve a quick one two through the gate, a bonus point can be awarded. Then remove one gate


Add gates or widen the existing gates to make it easier.

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