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Goalkeeper training demands special coaching requirements. However, like most coaches, you probably don’t have time to devote as much attention to your goalkeepers as you would like. These drills highlight some of the main things you need to be aware of when undertaking goalkeeper training.

We look at angles, shot-stopping, organising a defence, handling, fitness and much more. We also try as much as possible to make sure that your goalkeeping practices work as team practices too.

Goalie attacks feature

Goalie attacks

In this game-like scenario, if the goalkeeper launches an attack it counts double and shows goalies how to be part of the build up. Why use it This game lets you integrate the goalkeeper’s role so he plays a big part in team build ups, just like they would in actual matches. Set up You […]

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Sweeper keeper session featured image

3 v 3 sweeper keeper session

This session ensures that your goalkeepers play an active part in training by encouraging them to start attacks from the back like Victor Valdes. Why use it With most coaching advice centred around playing out from the back, coaches need to include goalkeepers in training games to get them playing with their feet. In this […]

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1 v 1 goalkeeper drill featured image

1 v 1 goalkeeper drill

Middlesbrough stopper Victor Valdes is great at pulling off saves when he goes one-on-one with a striker – and if you run this session your goalkeepers could master the art too. Why use it This session is great fun to play and good practice for getting your goalkeeper to dive at the feet of strikers […]

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