3 v 3 sweeper keeper session

This session ensures that your goalkeepers play an active part in training by encouraging them to start attacks from the back.

Why use it

With most coaching advice centred around playing out from the back, coaches need to include goalkeepers in training games to get them playing with their feet.

In this game the keeper plays like a sweeper at the back, sending passes that create openings in the opposition’s defence.

Set up

Set up an area of 35×20 yards with 10-yard zones at each end. We’ve used six players. You need bibs, balls, cones and goals.

Sweeper keeper session image

How to play

Play 3v3, with goalkeepers in the end zones and two players from each team in the middle zone. Players can only go into the goalkeeper zones when their team has possession, while keepers can come out of their zones when the team has possession, creating a 3v2. Play starts and restarts with the goalkeeper.


This is a great way to integrate your goalkeepers into a session, so they are involved with the attacks, but they also have to be quick to recover if they lose possession. It’s a fast game so rest players often.

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