Back to the future

A game that not only helps your goalkeepers develop their footwork skills when dealing with back passes, but it teaches your outfield players to make and receive them too.

Why use it

Did you know that 70 per cent of what a goalkeeper does in a game is with the feet? But gone are the days of the big boot up field from a back pass – a keeper is now part of the possession game and back passes are no longer just an emergency way out.

Set up

You will need balls, cones, bibs and a goal at either end of a 30×30-yard playing area. Mark out two six-yard safe goalkeeper zones at either end. Each team should be made up of four players and a target keeper.

Back to the future

How to play

Play 4v4 but the keeper must play a part in every move and teams get double points if they can use the keeper twice in the move. Every time the ball goes dead, the keeper plays it back in.


Being aware of the keeper’s position and the distribution of the ball from the keeper is vital to the success of the other players taking part. Players will learn how the position of the back pass, and also the weight of the pass by both the outfield player and the keeper, helps to keep good possession.

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