Dealing with angles

Teach your goalkeeper how to turn dangerous angled shots away to safety by using this competitive end-to-end training game.
One of the hardest shots to save are those from angles that the goalkeeper has to turn away while making sure the ball goes out of play – away from lurking strikers. It is a great test of a goalkeeper’s positioning and their ability to get down to low shots

Set up

Use half your normal pitch. Mark out four boxes on the sides of the penalty area: 5×5 yards at one end and 10×10 yards at the other. We’ve used 18 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two normal goals.

How to play it

Split your squad into two teams of nine including keepers. Sort out your 9v9 formations so one team could play 3-3-2 and the other 2-4-2. Players can only shoot from the coned squares, which makes sure the shots are always at an angle for the keepers to save. Otherwise normal rules apply.


Angled shots from both sides of the pitch help goalkeepers to position themselves so they are covering as much of the goal as possible. This is also a good workout for teams wanting to find space on both sides of the pitch in order to create openings to shoot from the boxes.

    1. Teams play a 9v9 and must try to get the ball into one of the shaded boxes to shoot at goal
    2. Here, as the team create a chance, the striker tries to beat the keeper at his near post

    3. The squares at the left side of the pitch are smaller, making the angle tighter to the goal
    4. Here the goalkeeper must watch a shot across his body to the far post

    5. The attackers should try different angles, like this dribble into the box and shot from the edge closest to the keeper
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