Goalie attacks

In this game-like scenario, if the goalkeeper launches an attack it counts double and shows goalies how to be part of the build up.

Why use it

This game lets you integrate the goalkeeper’s role so he plays a big part in team build ups, just like they would in actual matches.

Set up

You need cones, balls, bibs and two goals. Play on a pitch the length and width of two penalty boxes with two full-sized manned goals.

Goalie attacks

How to play

Give teams a couple of minutes to pick a goalkeeper and work out how to use the goalie and neutral players. Play 6v6 including keepers with two neutral players playing for the team in possession. A goalkeeper plays for each team – tell them they are going to play a sweeper role to make them feel how important they are in the build up play. Each team attacks the opponent’s goal and normal rules apply. The only exception occurs when possession is won by the other team. The ball must be passed back to the keeper before it can be played into the opponent’s half of the field – a goal scored like this counts double.


Good pass backs to the side of the goal for the keeper to have time to look up and play important passes.

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