Goalkeeper positions with Keith Boanas part two

This is PART TWO of a session written by Keith Boanas the former head coach of Estonia Women, for a team in Finland that was having trouble with the goalkeeper staying glued to her line. In GOALKEEPER POSITIONS PART ONE you can find how the field should be set up

These diagrams are examples of scenarios from the set up on page 4 – whites cannot already be in zone / offside. Encourage the goalkeeper to marshall the defence with both voice and position, reacting to the ball switching zones and decision on when to sweep or retreat.

Goalkeeper positions


    1. Blues must get int Zone 1 to score – following play your goalkeeper should be in the Zone 1 box in her half of the pitch
    2. As the transition happens the goalkeeper must keep an eye on where the ball is – here it moves quickly into zone 3 so the goalkeeper must move back quickly to be in position
    3. The movement of the white players is to receive the ball through the zones passing and moving onto the ball. With this movement the goalkeeper needs to react but must wait to see where the ball is passed to
    4. As the play moves into the goalkeeper’s half of the pitch the offside line comes into play and the keeper’s movement is now critical to the opportunities for the opposition to score

Goalkeeper positions

    1. In this scenario the white team is playing a long ball from zone 2 into zone 5 – now the goalkeeper has another decision to make, clear the ball or move back into the corresponding zone
    2. The emphasis of the coaching session is to make sure the goalkeeper always has time to cover any situation and that following the zones is not always the best option
    3. The only situation that will cause problems is a dribbling attacker coming into the area. If the keeper stays in zone the attacker will have an easy route to goal. This time the goalkeeper would have to come out of goal and try to win the ball
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