Goalkeepers can launch attacks

A good goal kick with a low trajectory can catch defenders out of position and give attackers a great chance to score a quick goal.

Young goalkeepers will find it difficult to kick low and long when the ball is on the ground. But when it is in their hands, that’s a different matter.

A drop kick will go much farther for a young goalkeeper and they can use this to cause chaos in the opposition defence.

The technique

A normal kick by the goalkeeper from their hands will usually go high in the air and take time to come down, so the opposition has time to watch and defend the ball.

But a drop kick is much flatter and reaches its target much quicker.

  • Goalkeepers should hold the ball out in front of them in both hands, or in the palm of the hand opposite to their strongest (kicking) foot.
  • As they move forward, tell them to release the ball.
  • Then get them to bring their kicking leg through to meet the ball just after it has bounced.
  • The fuller the follow-through, the greater the power.
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