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Goalkeeper training demands special coaching requirements. However, like most coaches, you probably don’t have time to devote as much attention to your goalkeepers as you would like. These drills highlight some of the main things you need to be aware of when undertaking goalkeeper training.

We look at angles, shot-stopping, organising a defence, handling, fitness and much more. We also try as much as possible to make sure that your goalkeeping practices work as team practices too.

Goalkeeper drill for dealing with high balls

This soccer (football) goalkeeper drill works on improving a goalkeeper’s ability to deal with a high ball over their head. This can happen when they are caught off their line, or if a cross catches on the wind. The drill will also test a goalkeeper’s basic football skills in handling the ball and using quick […]

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Goal kick soccer drills

Making the most of goal-kicks is not easy, you often find the ball going straight back to the opposition because the kicker has just kicked it as hard as he can. Use these goal kick tactics to help your players. Take the pressure out of goal-kicks I’m always thinking up new ways to get the […]

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Soccer drill to test goalies on shots and crosses

Using this soccer (football) drill you can coach shooting and crossing skills as well as the numerous handling responsibilities that your goalkeeper has to deal with during matches. Soccer drill to develop your wingers’ aim This soccer drill also helps to show your wingers where best to cross the ball so that the goalkeeper has […]

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Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie alert

Your goalie is the one player who can save the team when all else fails, so it's worth ensuring his skills are noticed and he receives due praise for every save he makes. But it's also important that he's always on the alert. Use the following soccer coaching tips to encourage this. What to tell […]

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Lunging soccer drill for goalkeepers

The lunge is a versatile fitness exercise that is helpful to warm-up your goalkeeper. The exercise can be used to develop all-round lower-body strength, flexibility, balance and power.  Lunges can be performed as body weight exercises or with weights to increase resistance. Lunging soccer drill The player should stand with his feet about a shoulder-width […]

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Goalkeeper drill to deflect the ball

In a perfect goalkeeper’s world, every shot would be cleanly caught and brought into the body. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Tony Carr, academy director of West Ham United, English Premier League, has this soccer training drill to help goalkeepers deflect the ball safely away from the goal using the correct technique and quick […]

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Soccer coaching drill to work on goalkeeper angles

When your goalkeeper is faced with a burly attacker bearing down on the goal and some quick decision-making is needed, it’s helpful to get him to use angles to work out where to move. Use this session to help your goalie save more shots on goal. Confidence is a huge factor for young goalkeepers, but […]

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Soccer coaching tips for goalkicks

You don't want your goalkeeper giving away the ball too easily. Make it a matter of pride that he doesn’t gift the opposition the ball at goalkicks by focusing on the following skills in your soccer training sessions.With the right coaching and skills, your goalkeeper should consistently put the opposition under pressure with long and […]

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