Pre-season focus on goalkeeping

Goalkeepers may not cover the whole pitch during a game, or sprint or dash back to cover a counter-attack, but they still need to be fit. Fitness throughout the season is imperative, so putting in the hard yards during pre-season is vital.

Here are 6 ways to help your goalkeeper get back into shape for the new season.

In pre-season, younger goalkeepers need reminding of their responsibilities and need to shape up on positional sense. Fun games such as Keeper’s colours are great for building back up to match day routines.

Shot-stopping and getting behind the ball are key for younger age groups, so check out the EasiCoach curriculum – it gives you exactly what you need for the season ahead with your keeper.

6 ways to get your keeper sharp in pre-season offers some great advice for getting your goalkeeper ready for the new season. The hints and tips from a professional coach will help you prepare your keeper for the tough games ahead.

Goalkeeper back to basics is an excellent pre-season work out for any age group – I always like to get my keeper doing the simple things to get back into the swing of a matchday situation.

While for older age groups, Goalkeeper work out, which is based on a routine from former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, gives your keeper a good work out – and it’s simple for you to set up.

Finally, All round keeper skills is a great game to play during pre-season. It involves all of your team but makes the goalie the centre of attention!

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