Save long shots

This session is all about saving long shots and making sure any rebounds go safe. Long shots can cause problems if the goalkeeper drops the ball – lurking attacker only needs a sniff of the ball and it’ll be in the net.

Set up

Set up an area 40×20 yards with a normal sized goal at each end and a halfway line. We’ve used eight players in this session. You need bibs, balls, cones and two goals.

How to play it

Play starts with a throw from one goalkeeper to the other, who rolls the ball out to a player in his own half. The players can only shoot from their own half but the other two players will be waiting for the goalkeeper to slip up. Play a 4v4 including goalkeepers. The outfield players are 3v3.


Goalkeepers need to think about their position in relation to the ball, must be balanced and ready to either catch, deflect or parry the ball. You want them to push the ball to a safe area but they will often just save the ball so you need to see them recover quickly to smoother the second shot.

1. The game starts with a throw from one keeper to the other in the air – the game goes live when the second keeper has control of the ball
2. The keeper must distribute the ball to one of the players in his own half with a throw out

3. From a long shot the goalkeeper has deflected the ball to safety, buying his team time to get organised and stopping any lurking attackers scoring.
4. Attackers can only shoot from their own half unless the ball has come from a rebound off the goalkeeper

5. Here the goalkeeper has not deflected the ball away and gives an easy tap in for the attacking team

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