Saving long shots

This drill will give your goalkeeper a much better understanding of where to stand in order to save shots from different angles and distances

Why use it?

This session is all about movement around the goal so keepers have the best chance of reacting to danger. It forces shot stoppers to think about how they stand and the positions they adopt.

Set Up

Use your penalty area. Put two sets of gates around the edge of the 18-yard box at different angles to the goal on both sides of the area. We’ve used four players in this session – your goalkeeper and three servers. Put red cones on the six yard line opposite each post and two yellow cones to the sides of the goal, yards into the six-yard box. You need balls, cones, and a goal.

How to play

Server A shoots a half volley into the keeper. The keeper must push the ball to safety behind the yellow cone. If it goes to the red cone, one of the servers can follow up and score. After the first ball, server A then half volleys to server B. The keeper’s position must move with the flight of the ball to keep the correct position. Server B catches the ball and shoots at goal. Then server A passes to server C, who half volleys at the keeper.


The session aims to reinforce an understanding of angles and distance from goal.

Goalkeeping angles

    1. Start the session with server A kicking a half volley at the goalkeeper who is at the tip of the triangle
    2. The keeper must be ready to move as soon as he has saved the shot so he can get into position for the second shot

    3. Server A immediately passes a second ball, this time to server B who half volleys at the keeper
    4. Make sure the servers give different angles from the two gates they are serving from to give the keeper a good test.

Saving shots

    5. The keeper must not be drawn out of the triangle if the ball is outside the post but should stay on the line of the triangle to improve the saving angle
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