Heading soccer drill for older players

When your players get to U10 and U11, this is the age they become strong enough to use heading skills properly in matches. Having instilled in them the confidence to head the ball at an early age (click here for a fun heading skills drill aimed at younger players) they will move onto more aggressive heading with some good soccer coaching tips from you.

I use this soccer drill to coach my players once they have become aware of the way a header can influence matches.

This drill is a good way to develop heading technique.

Drill set up

  • Arrange your players into two teams.
  • You and a helper act as servers.
  • The two servers continually throw balls to their team who must try to head and knock the balls off the cones. The first team to knock all three balls off is the winner of the drill.

Advance the drill

Vary the height and strength of the throw, remember you are developing heading skills so your players should be heading hard, thrown balls in their drills.


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