Heading is a difficult technique to coach to young players in particular. This section provides some great drills and advice to help you coach defensive headers and attacking headers. We look closely at the techniques involved and show you some fun games to help develop your player’s heading skills.

Throw to pass, head to score - part 1

Throw to Pass, Head to Score

in Heading, Small Sided Games

Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two teams of four players No keepers Rules The game is played by throwing and catching the ball. The player in possession cannot move with the ball. This encourages his team mates to make movements off the ball. The... MORE

How to coach defending your box in the air drills- part 1

Clear the present danger

in Heading, Practice plans

This week’s session is designed to improve defensive heading in and around the penalty box. Defenders will go on a journey of improving their heading in isolation and then in different game situations both unopposed and opposed. MORE

How to coach headers and volleys - part 1

Headers and volleys

in Heading, Practice plans

When the ball is off the ground, it is necessary for your players to have the technique to be able to strike the ball for a shot at goal. Headers and volleys will give your players those skills and the final session makes for a great game. MORE

How to coach heading at goal - part 1

Heading at goal

in Heading, Practice plans

Heading is an important part of any attacker’s armoury. If you can improve the technique of heading at goal by getting players used to attacking balls delivered to them in the air, your team will score more goals. MORE

How to coach attacking headers- part 1

Head to pass, head to score

in Heading, Practice plans

This week’s session will help your players’ heading technique in order to make passes and score goals. Heading is a skill that is often underdeveloped in young players because of poor technique and enjoyment. This session has fun, yet challenging, games. MORE

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