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This is not only really good heading practice but at the coach’s call it turns into a small-sided game with lots of coaching points: heading technique, concentration, focus and quick passing.

Set up

Set up a 20×20-yard area with a five-yard ‘no bounce’ zone across the centre and target goals at each end. We used six players. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Play a 3v3 heading game with no bouncing in the centre zone. On the coach’s call at random times during the game it becomes a 3v3 into the goals. If a team scores and they are losing the heading game the scores draw level; if the team winning the heading game score, they get three points added to their total.


Keeping the ball in the air and heading across the zone will give your players a great technique workout.

Head the ball game

    1. The game starts with a player on one side of the zone throwing the ball up and heading it across the zone
    2. The receiving team can head or volley to each other – the ball can bounce once for each player but the final pass back over the zone must be with the head

Head it so it doesnt bounce in the zone

    3.On the coach’s call the game becomes a normal 3v3 into the goals
    4. If the team losing the header game scores, the points are levelled whatever the score, but if the winning team scores they get three points

    5. The game then reverts to the heading game with the player serving to the opposition with their head
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