How to coach head down - part 1

Head down

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Improve your team’s chances of hitting the back of the net from aerial crosses with this session that focuses on attacking headers. MORE

The only time to dive

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The first goal that really made me sit up and think football was the best game in the world was a diving header. Back in 1972 Leeds United beat Arsenal in the FA Cup final when Alan Clarke scored with one, says Dave Clarke. MORE

Soccer coaching game to work on heading skills

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Use this fun soccer coaching game to give your players confidence when they’re heading the ball and improve their ability to anticipate headers. With this game, players have to look before they head the ball, so they know where it is going. It also helps players anticipate when to let the ball bounce to give... MORE

Heading skills soccer drill

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Improve your team’s attacking heading ability to boost their goal-scoring chances with the following coaching tips and soccer drills. When you first start to get your players crossing the ball into attacking areas of the pitch, you add an extra attacking option. The header. It takes a lot of practice to get used to heading... MORE

Soccer heading skills game

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As a follow-on from coaching the Heading skills soccer drill, try putting your players’ skill into a game situation. This game gives your players more opportunity to attack with their headers but at the same time keeps the drill simple so they concentrate on their position and technique. It is a useful tip to remember... MORE

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