Help! Poor corner kicks are letting us down!

“What are my players doing wrong with their corner kicks? Our deliveries rarely beat the first man and very often just drift out of play?”


It’s not too clear from your question, but I suspect the problem here arises out of the fact you’re asking your corner taker to hit the space in the middle of the penalty area with each kick.

Simply, you’ve got little chance of this happening on a regular basis. Kids below the age of 13 won’t have the power to get the ball to travel that far, and any footballer at any level will lose accuracy the further he is asked to kick the ball, so it’s no surprise that some corners drift straight out of play.

If I were you, I’d abandon the idea of trying to get any cross to go straight into the box. Instead, I’d construct a number of different short corner routines.

Not only will this mix things up tactically, it will also enhance players’ technical control and passing skills in tight areas, and you’ll also be able to spread around corner-taking responsibility, rather than always giving the dubious task to the player who supposedly can kick the ball the furthest.

What’s more, your players will love practicing short corner routines in training. These practices are useful because they’re conducted in a confined space (the corner spot is bordered by two touchlines after all), and players can apply what they learn to match situations in other areas of the pitch.

Try this Short Corner session which will give your players a great corner routine to learn and play until they can hit the penalty spot with their crosses.