How goalkeepers are crucial for good passing moves

Successful distribution from the keeper is a hallmark of a good side. This means that building up from the back is better than launching the ball up field hoping one of your players can get it, says Dave Clarke.Goalkeepers are key to passing

Statistically one form of passing is surprisingly high in terms of overall success – passing by the goalkeeper. So use him. You can coach your players to move the ball from the goalkeeper through to the midfielders and into your opponents half.

The objective is to move the ball using only three passes and get it between the two cones.

Once the keeper distributes the ball to the outside back, the midfielder times a run and receives the ball. Emphasis is placed on the full back delivering a ball to the midfielder’s feet. The three passes must take your team across the dotted line in the diagram and score between the cones. Remember to tell your supporting players to hold their positions
and move with the play.

Movement is key to retaining the ball

Your defending midfielders must make it difficult for the team in possession to move the ball. The grey team’s three man midfield are playing with two up and one back so the emphasis is on movement up front to keep possession of the ball. Restart with the goalkeeper and switch players around.

Key coaching tip: You can make the game more of a challenge by squeezing the width of the pitch.