How to Coach a Young Goalkeeper

Youth goalkeepers often come under pressure from through balls into the penalty area where they need to react to a shot or a player or players running through 1v1 or 2v1.

Why use it

Reacting quickly to cover players who have beaten the offside trap is important to put a stop to easy goals.

Set up

You need balls and cones in an area 10 x 20 yards including a 5 yard end zone that includes a 4 yard scoring zone in the centre. We used 4 players for each set up.

Pressure Stopper

How to play

You need a server and two forwards plus your keeper. The server throws the ball up for the goalkeeper to take as high as possible. After catching, the goalkeeper rolls the ball back to the server and then moves quickly to prepare for the next task which is going 1v1 against one of the forwards who will have received a pass from the server as soon as the goalkeeper rolls the ball back. The forwards must try and get the ball into the end zone. If he can get into the scoring zone it counts double. It is up to the forward players to try and score by linking up and dribbling the ball between the cones while the goalkeeper has to try and save. You can progress it so that the only way to score is by dribbling into the scoring zone.


Good movement from the keeper to cut off the dribbling player and block any attempt to get past.