Kick off tactics to keep opponents guessing

Kick-offs are particularly important in junior soccer because if you’ve just given away a goal, or you are starting the first or second half of a match, you need your players to take the initiative. Use these kick-off soccer coaching tips and tactics to catch your opponents out.
Kick-off tactics

Often, if your team has had to take a few kick-offs during a game, the opposition will soon read what your players are going to do. They’ll start intercepting the long ball over the top into the corner and stand players in the appropriate areas. So this tactic is another way to go on the attack straight from the kick-off and catch your opponents off guard.

image showing the different ways to catch out opponent at kick off time


Soccer tactics to keep opponents guessing

  • Tell your left-winger to move quickly forward and immediately pass the ball to the winger.
  • Get your winger to move towards goal and cut the ball back to either supporting player.
  • Tell your supporting player to shoot for goal.

Tell your players to vary the cross

Get your winger to vary his crosses between the two attacking players, and the attackers may want to exchange passes. Attackers can change the angle of their runs towards goal. Gradually add defenders to make the drill more difficult. Tell your players they can also pass the ball backwards to another player and then follow the same procedure.

Key soccer coaching tip: move the ball forward as quickly and accurately as possible.

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