Making decisions in the midfield

Being the boss in midfield means taking charge of all situations that arise and making the most of moments of transition.

Players that can do this give their team an advantage because they can set up goalscoring chances to win games.

In this game, the free midfielder must make the right decisions to win it for his team.

How to play it

  • Set up an area as shown in the pictures above with the pitch divided into three narrow strips. At each end of each strip is a two-yard target goal.
  • A player from each team moves into his own 1v1 zone.
  • A fourth team member acts as a floating playmaker (P). Unlike the other players, he can move freely between zones.
  • Serve the ball to start. The receiving player can attack 1v1 in his strip or play left and right to team mates. He can also use the support of the floating playmaker.
  • The game is played for four periods of two minutes.
  • Each player has one period as the playmaker.

Technique and tactics

  • The playmaker’s job is to support his team mate. This will either be in 2v1 or 2v2 attacking or defending situations.
  • Look for players to switch the ball quickly left and right, even by passing the middle zone if desired.
  • Players need to display confidence with good decision-making skills if they are to make the most of situations.