6v6 transition

This session is all about possession play in a tight midfield area. Players must use quick decision-making coupled with crisp, clean passing to move the ball between target players.

Set up

Set up a 30×30-yard area with a three-yard goal made of two cones on each side. We’ve used 14 players in this session.

How to play it

This is a 6v6 game, with a target player behind each goal and a 4v4 in the centre. There are two servers, one on each side. Play starts with a ball from the coach. Change of possession occurs the same as normal play. If the ball goes out, a new ball is played from the coach to one of the target players. The ball must pass from one target player to the other, with the player who made the final pass swapping places with the target player. The target players must have control of the ball to count. No one-twos when the target player is passing to the outfield players.


This game teaches penetration, use of width and depth, and it makes players take ownership, which is a great corrective tool. Progress the session by going two-touch. This forces players to be creative and teaches them how to play out of tight situations.

    1. The game starts with a ball into one of the target players
    2. The target player must play out into the area to get the ball moving to the other side

    3. Players must use good disguise and clever passing to keep possession and get the ball to the other end of the pitch
    4. A point is scored when the players successfully get the ball from one side to the other – the successful passer swaps with the target player

    5. To advance the session go to two-touch play and allow quick changes of play by going back to the same target goal after two passes have been made in the main area
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