Corridor of power

If you want your players to work on their close control and pinpoint passing, use this advanced training session to have them playing like midfield dynamos

Why use it

This session helps develop players who can control the ball in tight areas, can pass accurately over short or long distances and can create space to make a killer pass to score a point.

Set up

Used the whole of your normal pitch and use cones to create a ‘corridor’ down the centre of the pitch between the two penalty areas in line with the six-yard boxes. Have an end zone in each penalty area. Split the section between the two penalty areas into five zones. We’ve used 20 players. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Play a 9v9, plus neutral keepers in the end zones. Split the players as shown – they must stay in their areas. Play starts with a pass from the coach to one of the players in the centre zone who can attack in any direction. If the ball is intercepted or goes out, the defending team gets the ball but must score by getting it to the keeper in the opposite half. If a point is scored, the coach restarts play with a pass in the centre zone.


This is an advanced session with lots of close control and possession in both light and heavy opposition areas. Accurate passing is needed with long and short options.

Midfield attack

    1. The game starts with a pass from the coach into one of the players in the central zone
    2. The player who gets the ball must look to pass in either direction to keep possession for his team

Midfield dynamo

    3. Teams score a point by passing the ball through to the goalkeeper
    4. Each time a point is scored the coach feeds another ball into the players in the central zone

Score from midfield

    5. Here the player in the central zone spots a pass to set up a point-scoring chance for his team
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