Create Title Winning Players Like N’Golo Kante

What an amazing achievement for Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante to win back-to-back titles at different clubs. He’s been the model of consistency with the way he breaks play up and £32 million looks a bargain for such a match winner.

The weekend saw Kante win his second consecutive Premier League title when Chelsea saw off West Brom to secure an unassailable lead at the top of the table. His title success with the Blues follows last year’s campaign when he was a key part of Leicester’s fairytale win.

The 26-year-old netted the FWA Player of the Year award earlier this month to go with his PFA gong to cement his place as one of the Premier League’s most vital players.

Kante operates in a deep-lying role, breaking up opposition attacks and allowing his more illustrious team-mates to work their magic. But too many people underestimate the qualities the former Leicester man brings to Conte’s Chelsea side. He makes them tick and is the star of the show without the fireworks. He’s awesome. The prototype of the modern midfielder – energetic, tenacious, he has vision and is a dream for any manager.

But is also more than capable on the ball and is an efficient, clever passer. His energy and tireless, all-action displays have been key to Chelsea’s title charge. Opposition players must hate coming up against him. Just when they might think they have a bit of time and space along comes Kante, out of nowhere, to nick the ball off their toes.

Ask Kante how young players can learn from him and play like him and he will tell you: “They need to love the game. I loved it so much I played all the time. I played before school, at school, after school, then I’d go to my club and train or play a match, and after that I’d have another kick about with my friends until it got too dark!”

Get your players to play like Kante with the FAST COMBINATIONS game from Soccer Coach Weekly that encourages fast combination play and quick reactions that players need when they have won the ball.

Fast Combinations

This is all about passing quickly and accurately over long and short distances to help teams keep possession of the ball in all areas of the pitch.

Why use it

It coaches young players to time runs and passes in key areas of the pitch.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones in an area 20 x 12 yards. We used 5 players in the session.

Fast Combinations

How to do it

Play so there is one player on the top right cone, three players at the start and a working player. Play starts with a one-two between the blue working player and the first player then the ball is passed to the player in the top corner, so play goes one-two then a longer pass into the corner. The working player follows the ball around the pitch passing one-two and long. This should be one touch but if players are finding this hard go two touch.


Passing, receiving and movement – communication between players is vital for this to happen.

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