Engine room passing

Once your midfielders have won the ball, this session will show them what to do with it so they can quickly create goalscoring chances. When midfielders win the ball they need to make good passes quickly in order to take advantage of any space on the pitch. In this session the quick pass sets up a scoring chance.

Set up

Set up an area 30×20 yards with a five-yard scoring area behind the goal and goalposts without nets on them. We’ve used 12 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two normal goals.

How to play

Split players into three teams of four. Two teams play a 4v4 on the pitch and the other team provide the two goalscorers in the end zones and the two neutral servers.
The teams must get possession of the ball and flight passes to their goalscorer, who must shoot one-touch. The game is directional. Each game should last three minutes, then swap the outside four with the team that is losing. The team in possession can use the servers if they need to pass to them.


This helps players learn how to take advantage when they win the ball in midfield, as quick balls up to the front players can be match winners. It’s good for defensive work and basic pressing to win the ball back.

1. Play starts with a pass from one of the servers to either of the two teams
2. Here the midfielder creates some space and flights a ball to the feet of the attacker who must finish with one touch

3. The goalscorers have one touch from the midfielder’s pass to put the ball into the goal. No other players are allowed in these zones
4. Here the midfielder plays a one-two with a team-mate to creates space for the pass to the goalscorer

5. Midfielders should also be aware of the chance to play a longer pass to the goalscorer if the opposition stand off

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