Midfielders feed attackers

Playing a pass from a deep lying midfielder into attacking players needs accuracy and speed but also it needs the midfielder to anticipate runs and movement

Set up

You need to use a pitch 50×30 yards. Create three zones with an 18-yard zone, a 25-yard zone and a 7-yard zone in the middle. You need 13 players, balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play it

Create two teams of 6 players and a magic man. Play a 3v3 in the 18 yard zone and a 2v2 in the 25 yard zone and a goalkeeper at each end. The magic man plays in the central zone but can move into any zone but the other players are locked in their zones. One keeper plays out to the magic man, who plays for the team with the ball. The magic man cannot be tackled in his zone but he can move out with the ball and once out he can be tackled. If the ball is won in either area it must be played back into the midfielder to start another attack.


The magic man must be ready to influence the game playing in the two different zones. Can he set up a goal in the 3v3 or 2v2?

1. Starts and restarts are with a pass from one of the keepers to the magic man in the central zone.
2. Once the magic man has entered either of the zones he creates an overload for the team in possession

3. Players must move and support the movement of the magic man to set themselves up for a chance at goal

4. The midfielder is played in with a pass from the team on the counter attack

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