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Coaching a midfield is about making sure each of your midfielders understands their role and responsibilities. With good coaching and organisation your midfield should be able to support the defence and take the ball up the pitch, combining with the forwards to create and score goals. They need to have vision to see where to pass, and the skill and speed to execute their tactics.
These soccer drills and small-sided games look at a number of different midfield scenarios and suggest methods and coaching games to play to boost your midfield players’ skills.

Passing to a target man

Soccer coaching game using a target man

This game involves winning the ball in midfield before releasing to a target man to finish. How to set it up Pitch size: 30×20 yards (min) up to 40×25 yards (max). Create two end zones, 10 yards in from each goal line. Use two teams of four players, plus two keepers. The rules Each team […]

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Soccer coaching session for switching direction in play

Soccer matches are not always end-to-end affairs and teams must be able to move the ball in different directions quickly to build an attack. Defenders must also be able to react to different angles of approach. This session is all about changing the focus of play by switching direction. It is also pivotal to the […]

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Strong midfielder tactics

There is one problem with possession soccer and that is how are you going to play it if you haven’t got the ball or you keep losing it! The best way to get the ball back is to have a strong midfielder whose job it is to tackle the opposition, win the ball back and […]

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Soccer drill for floating player

If you have a particular player who excels when it comes to “reading” a game, for example, they have the vision to see where to pass the ball or where to run with it, you could try giving them a key role to nurture their skills for the future. Use the floating player soccer drill […]

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Basic football tips for midfielders

Use these football (soccer) coaching tips to get your young midfielders making the most of available space on the pitch to turn up the pressure on their opponents. Key soccer coaching tips for midfielders Encourage your midfield players to be aware of time and space with the following tips. The key to finding space is […]

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Midfield pressure tactics

Help your midfielders by coaching them how to use pressure tactics to get the opposition making mistakes. Soccer coaching tips Help your midfielders understand that sometimes they can hurry defenders into giving away a throw-in or a corner with a simple “chip and run” tactic. The subsequent throw-in, or corner, will then give the team […]

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Midfielder soccer coaching tips

When you have a strong player who is good at winning the ball and can make accurate long passes, your reaction might be to play them in defence. I tend to put the player in front of the defence into midfield, however, to protect the defenders and make use of their kicking abililty by turning […]

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