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This is about creating space in midfield when build ups start from the back and fullbacks or centre backs have possession and want to use it cleverly. It uses short triangular passes that defenders would use to create space in midfield and break down opposition lines.

Set up

Set up a 30×30-yard area. We’ve used 13 players, plus bibs, ball, cones and goals.

How to play it

Split your players so there are two neutrals at both ends and one on each side – the aim of the session is to pass the ball from one end of the area to the other. In the centre are two teams of three and one neutral player (who plays one touch) who is on the side of the team in possession. The side players have one touch and act as passing outlets.
If a team succeeds in passing across the area, they then play the other way. If possession is lost, the other team must get the ball to an end player. Restarts are with the end players passing to either team.


Timing of runs is vital to the success of the session. Players should always be on the move, rotating positions and using angled passes with speed and precision. It is good for possession and passing forward.

    1. Play starts with the end players, who then pass to one of the teams
    2. The team in possession has a number of overload options to help them
    pass the ball forward and get it across the area

    3. If the team keeps possession and gets it across the area, they continue with the ball and try to get it back across the area in the other direction
    4. Here the team in possession uses a neutral player on the side, who has one touch to get it back in play

    5. If the opposition win the ball they pass to the nearest end player and start their attack from there
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