No way through

Stopping opposition midfielders from passing through-balls to their attackers is a vital part of a team’s defence. In this session, the nearest midfield player must pressure the ball while others stop a forward pass.

Use an area 30 yards long by 20 yards wide, split into two halves with one ball and three sets of three players.


No way through

No way through key


How to play it

  • One team of players starts in each half. The third team starts along the centre line and must try to stop passes from crossing the line.
  • The players on the two outside teams are only allowed to use two touches of the ball before passing to each other or across to the opposite side. One player from the central team can apply pressure in each half to try and cut out the pass.
  • Players defending the centre line must stick together and ensure they cover the gaps to stop passes. If they stop a pass, then they switch positions with the team that loses possession.

This session is from Perfect Defending by Michael Beale, designed to help coach players in every aspect of the game, from individual core skills to team-based defending strategies.

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