Soccer drills and skills

Soccer drill for the long pass

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

In a soccer match the ball is moving when the players receive it, so when they’re working on soccer drills for long kicking passes make sure the ball is moving to make coaching sessions more match-like and training more effective. Long kicking technique Soccer (football) coaching drill for long kicking: Push the ball to the... MORE

Small sided game to help the player on the...

in Passing, Small Sided Games

The idea behind this small-sided soccer game is to coach your players in the art of helping the player on the ball pass it. Set up the soccer (football) game Mark out a circle of about 25 yards diameter, using cones or markers. You’ll need two teams of four players. No goals. Each team has... MORE

Fun indoor coaching game

in Small Sided Games

When you are coaching your young soccer (football) players, there are often times when the players start to lose concentration and the session becomes a bit ragged or unfocused. Use this fun game to get players back on track. It’s a good exercise to use when weather conditions mean indoor play is necessary. Some short... MORE

Close down space with this 4v2 small sided soccer...

in Defending, Small Sided Games

If you watch the best defenders, they don’t give away space easily. Space is an attacker’s friend but it’s a defender’s enemy. This small-sided soccer defence game is a good one to work on with your defenders, but all players should be able to close down space when an opponent is receiving the ball. Timing... MORE

Soccer drills to work on your players throw in...

in Attacking

When it comes to throw-ins, you want a player on the move who can take the ball in their stride and use it to advance your team up the pitch. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drills to get throwers and receivers practising these skills. Throw-ins are good attacking weapons but you also need... MORE

Soccer coaching tips for penalties

in Shooting, Tips and advice

What is the best tactic to coach players to try when taking a penalty? Should players wait for the goalkeeper to move or hit it low and hard into the bottom corner without looking at the goalkeeper? Research carried out by Liverpool John Moores University in the UK suggests something different. According to Professor Tom... MORE

Downhill sprinting soccer drill

in Fitness and Diet, Soccer drills and skills

Making your soccer youngsters run downhill may just seem like a player’s dream sprinting drill (better downhill than uphill!). But this overspeed soccer coaching drill will improve the kids’ running skills because each player will be reaching speeds they will not normally be able to get to, so attuning their brains to run faster. Benefits... MORE

Muddy pitch warm up drill for goalkeepers

in Goalkeeping, Warm Ups

If the pitch is muddy, use this soccer drill to warm-up your goalie’s feet as well as their hands because in these conditions it is the goalkeeper’s footwork that will often be the deciding factor when the ball is played. Soccer drill set-up Ask two of your players’ parents to help run the warm-up drill,... MORE

Soccer drill to get defenders thinking

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

In this soccer drill coaching session the defender must react to the opponent’s starting position, think quickly and defend accordingly. To run this soccer drill, you need to set up an area the size of half the pitch you play on, so if you play mini-soccer, 7-a-side or 8-a-side, you will use half a small... MORE

Scoring box soccer drill

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

Finding a pass to unlock your opposition’s defence is particularly useful in crowded central areas. The scoring box soccer drill gives you the opportunity to practise quick passing skills in order to create a 1v1 opportunity against the goalkeeper. These quick passing combinations will develop movement between your players and improve their interaction when in... MORE

Three in one soccer coaching session

in Soccer drills and skills

This is a transition soccer game which gives your players an excellent workout at 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4. It’s three games on the same pitch. The emphasis moves from individual skills to team work and communication. In the first part of this soccer training drill, you are looking for individual skills such as shielding, turning... MORE

Passing game to get your players thinking quickly

in Passing, Small Sided Games

If snow-covered soccer pitches are holding up training, try some simple passing exercises to keep your team busy. The ball will move around quite easily and with this soccer drill you can keep your players’ minds on passing rather than throwing snowballs at each other. Key soccer coaching tip One of the aims of this... MORE

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