Objective: Pass! is a great way to improve passing and receiving skills as well as the ability to spot and execute a through-pass.

Age group: U8s and upwards.

Set-up: Create a 20-yard square playing area.

Divide your players into two equal teams of between five and seven players.

How to play: A player from team A stands on one end line and a player from team X on the opposite end line.

The rest of the players compete for the ball and try to pass to their team mate on the end line. If they succeed, they join their end player on the line.

The team that gets all its players on their end line first is the winner.

Note: To be counted as successful, a pass must be controlled by the end player.

If your players find this game a bit difficult, make the playing area bigger to reduce the pressure. 
Similarly, if they find it too easy, make the playing area smaller.

Progression: The end lines are now called jails.

The game begins in the same way as before – with one player from each team in jail (i.e. on their end line) – but now if you make a successful pass, you don’t join your team mate on the line.

Instead, you get to send a player on the other team to their end line – in other words, send them to jail!

The winning team is now the team that can send all the players on the other team to jail first.

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