Passing and communicating with team mates

This session is all about learning to communicate with your team mates so they know what each other is doing.

A lot of mistakes in youth soccer occur because of poor communication when passing the ball. Coaching communication will help your team to develop and become better in the future.

This is a two-part session, in which players start by passing the ball in a numbered sequence then have to communicate what they want to happen after the pass.


Set up a 30-yard square and use six players at a time. Number the players 1 to 6.

Practice 1: Tell your players to pass the ball in number sequence, i.e. player 1 passes to player 2 who passes to player 3, etc.

Practice 2: Now the players have three choices.

  1. Pass to the central player and call “turn”, then swap places with the central player, who turns and passes to the queue opposite. The central player joins the queue where the passing player came from.
  2. Pass to one of the coaches and call “overlap”, receive the ball then go to the back of the opposite queue.
  3. Pass to one of the coaches and call “one-two”. Upon completion of the move, the player dribbles out to the opposite side.


For practice 1, add an extra ball to see if your players can keep their concentration.

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