Passing soccer using triangles

One of the world’s most successful youth coaches at international level is Argentina’s Jose Pekerman. His youth sides play passing soccer, constantly forming triangles on the pitch to create opportunities for surprise balls to be played to fast, clever attackers.

This style of play means that smaller, younger players are not penalised by lack of height or weight.

Often, youth teams will shun the smaller players because if you pack your sides with big players they will win games through size alone. This is certainly true at very young age groups, but they will never develop as a team.

What the Argentines do is pick the most skilful players and play a style which suits them.

Playing in triangles means running and passing all over the pitch, it means thinking about where the passes will go and constantly putting the other team on the back foot.

Triangular style of attack

Small players with a low centre of gravity have the ability to turn quicker and keep their balance easier for fast attacks in tight spaces.

This is ideal for 7-a-side teams on pitches that allow movement and passing.

Click here for soccer coaching triangle tips and skills for small-sided games.


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