Coconut shy

A basic introduction for helping with weight and accuracy of passing. Can also be a good game for a cool down or to be used during a training session following a game.

Set up

Players are in Pairs
4 Balls per pair
Three cones per pair

How to play it

Place three soccer balls on cones approximately 10 yards away from the players. The first player passes the ball and attempts to knock the balls down off the cones, after making the pass the player goes and receives the ball and dribbles it back to their partner


This activity emphasizes on weight and accuracy of passing

    1. Players pass the one ball to try and knock down the three balls which are placed on the cones approximately 10 yards away.
    2. After each pass the player must go and retrieve the ball and dribble it back to their partner until all the balls are knocked down.

    3. The three balls which are placed on the cones are moved back five yards after all three have been knocked down. Repeat.

    1. 4. Stagger the balls and use the following points system
      Closest Ball = 1 Points
      Middle Ball = 2 Points
      Furthest Ball = 3 Points
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