Fast passing moves

Fast passing in tight spaces helps forwards move in and around the penalty area, where simple movement and passing is key to creating a route to goal.

Set up

Set up an area 10×10 yards with a cone in the centre. We’ve used eight players in the session. You need bibs, balls and cones.

How to do it

Split the group into two teams of four and start them on opposite corners of the square. There is only one ball in play at a time. Start with the first player in one of the groups – they dribble to the cone, pass across the square and then run backwards to return to their starting position. The player on the opposite side runs to the cone with the ball, passes across the square and then runs backwards. When they have run through it once get them to see how many passes they can do in 30 seconds – then see if they can beat the score. Use this over a number of weeks and see if your players can beat the previous week’s score.


This is a great way to get players to advance their control and passing technique. Speed comes with the challenge and you should get players trying hard to go faster. It also adds to the fun with running backwards at speed.

Pass like Barcelona

    1. The game starts with a dribble to the centre cone and a pass to the player on the opposite corner
    2. Once the pass has been played, the player runs backwards back to the corner and joins the queue

    3. The player from the opposite group receives the pass and then dribbles to the cone and passes the ball
    4. Each time the ball is passed the passing player must run backwards to his corner

    5. See how many passes players can make in 30 seconds without losing the ball through a mistake – then get them to beat that time
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