Five Minute Basics: pressure passing

This five minute passing drill can be used during your training sessions for a quick break to help coaching points sink in, or as an incentive for a drinks break.

Around 90% of the times that your players receive a pass someone will challenge him for the ball. You have to practice passing under pressure with this exercise so they can do it in matches

Getting Started

Set up a square with cones around 15m x 15m. Four players should be in each of the corners with the remaining two players in the middle of the grid. It is a constant defence-at¬tack situation between the two players in the centre. Two balls are used and the ball starts in opposite corners.

How to do it

Start in the top left corner, the player passes to his team¬mate in the centre who must control and pass to the player top right. As soon as the pass is made the player bottom right plays another ball into the player in the centre who must pass to the player bottom left. And so on. It is a fast, continuous game of attack.

Pass to keep the ball

    1. Play starts with a pass from the player top left into the player in the middle who passes to the player top right
    2. The player top right passes back to the player in the centre who passes to the player bottom right
    3. The minute the player top right gets the ball the player bottom right passes another ball into the centre and play goes around
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