Football passing drill with swivel move to change direction

Coach your players to make time and space with a simple swivel skill that lets them change direction quickly. Use this football passing drill to help.

Swivel soccer skill

This skill is a great way to get your players passing and moving around your training pitch. It’s a skill that needs good ball control.

Coach the move

Tell your players to turn by rolling the ball in a half circle with their instep. The drill is inspired by a swivel move used by Dutch footballer Robin van Persie. When you get your players doing this move, tell them it is done in one fast, fluid movement – so they turn around the anchor leg, rolling the ball in a semi-circle.

Football passing drill using swivel move

Set up soccer passing drill

  • Get your players into threes, with one ball in an open area.
  • The players (A, B and C) start around ten to fifteen metres apart.
  • Moving around the pitch, the three players, control, swivel then pass on to another player.

Run the drill

  • A passes to B, who controls the ball, swivels with the ball on his right foot before releasing the ball to C.
  • The three players then continue to move forward.
  • When you advance the play, C controls B’s pass, then passes to A. He controls, swivels then delivers the pass to B, and so the drill evolves.

Key soccer coaching tips for passing drill

  • First touch is crucial – it can be the difference between keeping or losing possession, so passing must be accurate into the path of the receiver. This means you must work on your players’ ball control skills.
  • Improve your players’ awareness by changing positions.

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