How to make a long pass – 4 activities for development

The long pass advances from a short pass in that accuracy becomes vital over longer distances so technique must be practised. Use these four activities to hone the technique among your players.

Celtic Ki

Celtic’s Ki makes a long pass

For beginners: Play the fun game Long and Short Of It to teach young players the art of passing the ball across longer distances. It is a game for younger players to enhance their awareness and judgment on space and distance.

Follow up with: To get individuals to use the correct technique and to get understanding of the distances a player can pass the ball accurately use the practice plan Long And Accurate Passing.

You can also get players to simply play a small sided game where they have to pass long so they get used to playing a long pass under pressure like they would do in a match – Long Ball Game is perfect for this.

If you want to make long passing part of your development you can try the game Receive And Control The Ball from the EasiCoach curriculum. It puts long passing into context with short passes followed by a long pass and helps players to control a ball that has come over a greater distance and is harder to control. Below is an U9s session but there are sessions like this for all age groups from U7s to U18s simply use the search box to help you find them.

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