Make the most of possession in soccer games

When soccer players make a forward pass to an attacker, they must be prepared to support and ensure players in advanced positions do not get isolated. This soccer session is all about making the most of possession and movement to support the pass.

The aim of keeping possession is to tire your opponents out by making them run, which will open up spaces to attack.

Some teams do this very well. However, they do not reap the benefits of their good possession as they play too many square or backward passes.

It is vitally important that players focus on making good, forward attacking passes and then make supporting runs in order to get beyond defenders and into goalscoring positions.


Use this session in a 30 yards long by 40 yards wide area. In pairs, players make short passes using two touches over 10 yards.

Next they move backwards to a distance of 30 yards apart and play low, driven passes over the longer distance.

How to develop it

Put the players into groups of three with two players starting at one end of the playing area, and one opposite. The development combines both of the passing ranges as the two players combine with a short one-two before a low driven pass is made to the player opposite.

The player making the long pass follows the ball to play a one-two at the opposite side and the sequence repeats in the opposite direction.

Put it into a game situation

In a small-sided game, each team nominates two target players to play on the goal line – one either side of the goal. To score a goal, a pass must first be made to one of the two target players, who then set the ball back to a supporting runner.

The supporting runner does not have to be the player who made the initial pass. Rotate the players so everyone has a turn working as a target player.

This session is taken from the Smart Sessions football coaching plans – they come in advanced and core versions. You can get these sessions dropping into your inbox every week by clicking here.

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