Move in possession

Possession is key with players tactically keeping position in the midfield focal point of the pitch. Movement is key to keeping the ball and fast breaks will result.

Set up

Use your full pitch, marking out the midfield area between the Ds of the penalty area and cutting off the wings by eight yards. Create two end zones that run along the six-yard lines. We’ve used 20 players.

How to play it

Play 10v10 in the marked out box in the centre. Teams have a back four plus two midfielders in their half of the box, with three attackers and a midfielder in the attacking half of the box.
When defending the centre backs can drop back out of the box to defend the area in front of the end zone. When attacking two players from the back half can join the attacking half.
No more than six players from each team are allowed in either half. Teams can attack after making five consecutive passes and two attackers can break out of the box. Score by passing and receiving in the end zone. Play offsides.


It is important for positional sense all over the pitch and winning the midfield battles.

1. The coach starts the session with a pass into one of the teams
2. Teams must make five passes before they can attack and break out of the box

3.Two central defenders can drop back out of the box when the opposition have the ball
4. After five passes, two attackers can break out and try to pass and receive the ball in the end zone, making sure they stay onside

5. Two players from the defending zone can join the attacking zone when their team has the ball
6. When the ball goes dead, another one is passed in to the other team so they can attack

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