Soccer warm up for left and right foot passing

in Passing, Warm Ups

Encourage your young soccer (football) players to practise their passing skills using both their left and right foot. This soccer warm-up drill is a good one to use just before a match. Before a match kicks off, I get my young soccer players to pair up and pass the ball to each other. What I’m... MORE

Soccer drill for unopposed passing

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

This soccer (football) drill is a good one to get youngsters practising fluent passing and shooting without defenders getting in the way. It includes passing and movement off the ball as the play moves from one side of the pitch to the other for the wide player to cross. Soccer drill set up Use half... MORE

Coaching a reverse pass drill

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

Give your young players different ways to move the ball so they can keep possession for their team. This soccer training drill looks at the right-angled or reverse pass, which helps players pass in a direction that is least expected by the opposition. At first a young player will often pass in the direction they... MORE

Win the ball and pass soccer warm up drill

in Passing, Warm Ups

You’ll need nine players for this simple but fun warm-up soccer drill, which gets your players to win the ball, pass, then rest. Set up the warm up drill Set up an area, around 15m x15m, marked out with four cones. Have four players inside the area dribbling a ball. Put a defender in the... MORE

Passing square soccer drill

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

Simple, accurate passing is beautiful to behold but it can get frustrating when young players cannot pass a ball with purpose. One of the best ways to get groups of youngsters to pass with accuracy is to set up a soccer drill using a passing square, so the players have targets to pass to and... MORE

Side-foot soccer passing drill

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

Use this soccer passing drill to coach your players how to kick using the side of their foot. Side-foot passing is for accurate, short, quick passing all the way from one box to the other. Repeat this soccer drill frequently and you’ll find side-foot passing skills start to come naturally to your players. In young... MORE

Warm up soccer drill with gates

in Passing, Warm Ups

Use this soccer training drill to warm up your players and work on their passing skills before a match starts. Watching other teams warm up can often deliver a fatal blow, even before a ball is kicked… You want other teams to be looking at your players and thinking “Uh oh, they look good!” Warm... MORE

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